The World’s Largest Cupping with James Hoffmann

Welcome to the world’s largest coffee tasting! We recommend that you mix your water, weigh out your coffee and choose your 5 cupping vessels in preparation for the big event.

To get started please follow the steps below and watch the videos for more information.

  • Set up your kettle, 5 cupping vessels and spoons
  • Mix 1 sachet of Third Wave Mineral Supplement into 3.8l of distilled or deionised water and shake well. Find out more about what they offer at

When mixed into purified water, Third Wave Water mineral supplements enhance the extraction of coffee, therefore, improving flavour in the cup. This process only works with very soft water. 

Distilled or deionised (de-ionized) water is purified water available to purchase from many different stores, including online platforms, supermarkets and hardware stores. In the UK, Tesco has deionised water available to purchase inexpensively. 

If you are struggling to locate distilled or deionised water, or would rather not use it, look for a soft water with a low ppm of less than 30. You will find this information listed on bottled water labels where the number after ‘dry residue @ 180°c’ equals the ppm.

Alternatively, we would suggest using Spa Reine or Bezoya water to optimise your Third Wave Water supplement.

Should you prefer to not use Third Wave Water minerals at all, we recommend you use VolvicFiltered water from a local cafe for the best results.

  • Weigh out your coffee. We recommend 12gr of coffee to 200ml of water, or watch How To Cup Coffee At Home for more information. James will discuss and guide you through the grinding process.


You have received 5 samples. When weighing them out, make sure you mark them clearly. Tasting across origin and a spectrum of flavour profiles, the coffees will be revealed at the end. Find out more about the main identifying attributes you will be looking for when tasting coffee in James’ guide to coffee tasting.

Prufrock Training & Consulting have put together this very useful sheet to guide you through the tasting.

Word Reference: Aroma: Caramel, peach, chocolate / Acidity: Tart, crisp, mellow / Sweetness: Mild, deep, rich / Body: Watery, silky, syrupy, creamy / Flavour: Peach, plum, cherry / Finish: Quick, lingering, clean

We hope you enjoy the world’s largest cupping!

Thank you to Third Wave Water and Masteroast.