Do you have a question about who we are and what we do?  Perhaps the answer is here:

Do you have a webshop?
Yes!  It is here.

Do you have a retail shop?
Not at the moment, but several of our customers stock our beans and brewers for sale. Please see the list of where to try our coffee for your nearest location.

When will my coffee be roasted?
Order placed:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (up to midnight on Wednesday) will roast on Thursday.

Order placed: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (up to midnight on Sunday) will roast on Monday.

When will my coffee ship?
We roast on Mondays and Thursdays and the coffee ships the day it is roasted.

When will my coffee arrive?
We ship all UK orders with Royal Mail as First Class postage.  In the UK this usually means next day delivery, but this is not guaranteed, we tend to find UK orders arrive within 3 working days.

For overseas, delivery times can vary greatly from 3 days to 3 weeks, we ship with Royal Mail to overseas locations. We are unable to guarantee a delivery date for overseas mail, but find that deliveries should arrive within 28 working days. We also require shipments to U.A.E to have a P.O box to ensure delivery to correct address.

Customs have strict importing regulations which are outside our knowledge (and control), this has caused many problems when trying to ship coffee to our Russian, Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti customers. Due to these difficulties we are unable to continue shipping to Russia, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. If there are any changes that make shipping easier in the future we will re-assess this policy.

Why do you sell in 350g bags?
We traveled a lot in the last couple of years, and during our travels we bought a lot of coffee.  We often felt that 250g was too little to really get to know a coffee, especially an espresso blend, and that 500g was too much.  One common size in the US was 12oz, which is 341g.  We really liked the size so thought we’d round it up to a nice even metric amount.

Why do you only sell whole beans and not ground?
A lot of what we love about the coffee is lost very quickly once it is ground.  Despite packing the coffee as well as we can we don’t feel confident that you would be getting everything the coffee is capable for if we shipped it ground.  Equally most brew methods are dependent on the correct grind size.  We’d rather people ground their coffee at home, and could get the tastiest cup through which ever brew method they fancied that day.

Do you want to know what I thought of the coffee?
We really do!  We try and brew our coffees many different ways to see how they taste but we always want to hear what people thought – good or bad – about how our coffees taste.  If you’d like to leave some feedback we’d love to read it.

Where are you and can I come and visit?
The roastery is a production location for now and not serving coffee or selling retail packs for home.  Meetings regarding wholesale or other business opportunities are by appointment only and it’s best if you get in touch by email – [email protected]

If you just want to pick up a bag or two of coffee for home we recommend you go through the webshop or look up one of our customers who do retail, check our Where to Drink Our Coffee page.

Our address is Unit 13, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane E17 5QJ.

Where can I drink your coffee?
We have put together a little list and map of some of the places that serve our coffee, the link is here.

What is the difference between the plan or gift subscription and the ongoing subscription?
The ongoing subscription is available in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly format and will be charged via direct debit. This will continue until you pause or cancel your subscription which can be done at any time.

The plan or gift subscription is delivered monthly for 6 or 12 months and is a one-off upfront payment.

When will my subscription coffee be roasted and dispatched?
Filter subscription – 1 bag per month: roasted and dispatched on the first Wednesday of each month.

Espresso, Red Brick or Decaf subscription – 1 bag per per month: roasted and dispatched on the third Wednesday of each month.

Filter, espresso, red brick or decaf subscription – 1 bag per week: roasted and dispatched every Wednesday.

Filter, espresso, red brick or decaf subscription – 1 bag per fortnight: roasted and dispatched every second Wednesday.

How much coffee do I get?
Both filter and espresso are 350g or 1kg bags for our ongoing subscription.

When will I be charged for the ongoing subscription?
Your billing period starts the day you sign up and will recur every week, fortnight or month.

How can I pause or cancel my subscription?
In order to pause or cancel your ongoing subscription you need to follow the ‘manage my subscription’ link found in your confirmation email. To restart your subscription you will need to sign in and reselect the subscription you would like.

If you would like to pause your gift subscription, simply get in touch and we will pause for the desired length of time.

How can I change my address or card details?
By following the manage my subscription found in your confirmation email you will be able to change your card details.

If you need to change your address please send us an email to [email protected] and we will do the rest!

Will the package fit through my letterbox?
Our retail size bags are 350 grams which limited us when designing a box and bag to fit through a letter box. Currently our boxes do not fit through a letter box however it is something we are working on and will update you when it changes.