New labels

Having changed the label for our espresso, we also knew we wanted to change the other labels for our coffees.

Like the Seasonal Espresso, there were areas of the label we felt had been successful and others we wanted to improve on.  One thing we wanted to do was to standardise the information on the labels a little bit more.  We also wanted to give a little more space to the name of the coffee – the most important thing on the bag in our opinion.

We’ve kept the colour scheme from before.  Coffees with the red label like this are roasted to be enjoyed as brewed coffee, rather than espresso. For the single estate espressos we’ve tried to make things clearer again, and the switched colours carry over from the previous labels.

Finally there is the decaf espresso label which is still just black and white:

We’ll keep using the blue label for special coffees like Cup of Excellence lots or other unique coffees.

We hope you like the changes and we hope you keep enjoying the coffees!