The new Red Brick label

Labels are difficult things. So much you want to express, and so little room.

With the move away from the individual seasonal names we wanted to look at where we thought we had succeeded with label and where we wanted to improve it.

The core of the idea was to try and increase the transparency behind the creation of the blend. Rather than filling the label with lots of data we wanted to show the breakdown of the components visually, and then explain why we had chosen each component and what it brings to the espresso.

Blending has long been marketed as a dark hidden art, full of proprietary recipes. Our approach has been different but we thought it would be fun and interesting to break down what goes into our espresso a little more.

We’re always open to feedback, and while there is a little less data on the label itself there is still lots available on the full information sheets.

We hope you like the label, and that you love the espresso too!