Launching our Espresso Subscription!

After many requests we’re very excited to finally be offering a subscription for our coffee roasted specifically for espresso! The popularity of our filter roast subscriptions have been very encouraging, and we hope that the convenience of setting up a monthly subscription for espresso will prove just as popular with our webshop customers around the world!

The beans you will receive will either be our current seasonal blend at the time of dispatch, a single origin or single estate espresso of our choice, or something we’ve brought in and roasted just for you, our subscribers. Unlike our filter subscription, which will remain at 350 grams of whole beans, the espresso subscriptions will be of 500 grams of whole beans , giving you more to play with! It will ship on the third Thursday of every month.

It is available for 6 or 12 months, and as UK, Europe and World depending on where you are located according to Royal Mail’s database.

Click here to have a look,

we hope you’ll enjoy!