New Coffee: Capão by Glacimario Santos






Leading with a light brown sugar sweetness, this pulped natural selection follows with milk chocolate, cashews and nougat. Approachable and softly textured, this coffee is reminiscent of cocoa and milk.

Glacimario Santos owns and manages Fazenda Capao, having studied agriculture, and subsequently taken over the farm from his father. Over the last 20 years the coffee growing area has expanded to 3 hectares of the total 25 hectares that comprise the farm.  Despite the similar name, this is a different farm to the one we bought from last year.

Sat about 1280masl near the city of Piatã in the region of Bahia called Chapada Diamantina, the farm has perfect conditions for growing coffee. The mix of clay and sand in the soil is monitored and analyzed annually to ensure the Catucai seedlings will have optimal nutrients to establish and yield to their best potential.

Once in fruit, the trees are selectively picked and the cherries are pulped each day going straight onto patios to dry. The farm’s total production is currently around 70 bags, and this year more than half of them have made their way into our warehouse. We hope you enjoy!