New Coffee: Blackburn Estate – Clouds of August


Blackburn Estate – Clouds of August 2010 Microlot, Tanzania
Kent & Bourbon Varieties, Fully Washed

Last year we were delighted to offer a wonderfully vibrant and juicy microlot from the Blackburn Estate in Tanzania, called Shades of September. This year, we’re exceedingly happy to be able to offer another microlot from the same farm – this one being called Clouds of August.

This Blackburn Estate microlot from producer Michael Gehrken brings notes of clove, cashews and toffee in the cup, tied together by a silky raisin, Medjool date and molasses sweetness. Rounded out by a hint of Middle Eastern spices and baker’s chocolate, this coffee is simple, sweet and delicious.

Clouds of August was picked from August 3 – 13, 2010 by around 65 of Michael’s 138 staff, who were supervised by experienced pickers Christian Burra and Amsi Demay. Trained to pick only the ripest cherries, the pickers collected a total of 2,228 ‘tins’ of coffee, weighing 54kg each, over the 11 days.

With their own wet mill on site, the day’s cherries were pulped each afternoon, then fermented for 14 hours before grading and washing in spring water from Mount Oldeani. The harvested cherries were then carried to raised African drying beds, and sun dried to 11.5% humidity, before being conditioned in bins, and finally transported to Moshi for dry milling

Production roasts of this coffee begin Monday, February 7th, and will roast every subsequent Monday and Thursday from then. For more information, and to order, visit the web shop here: Blackburn Estate – Clouds of August.