New Coffee: Toarco Jaya, Sulawesi

Toarco Jaya, Sulawesi
Jember S-795, S-33 Washed Peaberry
(£7.50 / 350g)

We’re very pleased to welcome this most recent addition to our range. An unusual coffee given it’s provenance, this Toarco Jaya peaberry selection contradicts a great many of the stereotypes surrounding Indonesian coffee. While outstanding in its own right, this coffee took us somewhat by surprise, and it’s on very high rotation in the Square Mile morning brewing rota.

Wonderfully clean and complex, in the cup this Sulawesi peaberry has the dense, sweet, citrus quality of Sicilian blood orange, while on the nose expect fresh-baked butter croissants and just a hint of milk chocolate. Combine this with the Toarco Jaya’s marshmallow mouthfeel, and the resulting cup is layered, balanced and complete.

This coffee constitutes something of a rarity, in that it’s a fully washed coffee from Sulawesi, where the more traditional wet hulling process is nearly ubiquitous. With this coffee, we see the results of a partnership between a Japanese coffee company and local investors to establish a wet mill in Sulawesi, resulting in coffees with greater complexity and more clarity of flavour than is usually seen from Indonesia.

Coupled with this processing, this coffee benefits from being grown at significant altitude. While the Toarco Jaya wet mill is at around 1000masl, a great amount of the contributing smallholder farmers have their farms between 1250 and 1750masl, making them some of the highest growing coffee trees in Sulawesi.

Toarco Jaya also provides on-going education and training to their smallholder farmers, assisting them in maintaining their trees through good farming practice, and helping train their pickers to select the ripest cherries from the tree. We think that the combination of altitude, education, and exemplary growing and processing practices really strips away the negative characteristics people have come to associate with coffees from Indonesia.

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