Limited Edition Espresso: Sweet Shop

Last year we created a fun espresso blend called Juice.  This year we’re doing a one-off roast of a blend we are calling Sweet Shop.

The idea was to blend for a different reason – to see how far we could go, to see how much sweet delicious fruit we can cram into a cup.  Some may say there is too much in here – for us there’s never enough!

The blend takes three of our favourite coffees – each capable of a different range of vibrant sweet flavours – and blended them together in equal parts.  Some may be nervous about the acidity in the espresso but these coffees are roasted very careful to showcase their sweetness above all else.  (Though if you prefer low acidity espressos then this probably isn’t for you.)

The recipe is:

1 part Kangocho AA (Kenya)

1 part Tegu AA (Kenya)

1 part Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia)

In the cup look for notes of:

Refreshers, pear drops, cola cubes, blackcurrant fruitella, cherry lips and sherbert lemons. This is an intensely fruity espresso blend, very sweet and with a balanced and pleasing acidity.

(click for full size  –  and you can expect a t-shirt of this very soon too!  Artwork courtesy of David “El Grifo” Gibbons)

A few very important things – please read before ordering:

We are roasting a limited amount of this on 31st of August only.  If you place an order for Sweet Shop that has other items the whole order will be held until that date, then fulfilled.

As we say above – this is a limited run.  We expect to sell out of it in the next week, as it has been available to pre-order already to our newsletter subscribers and over 70% has already gone.  (We like to say thank you however we can!)

Sweet Shop Espresso – £9.00 (350g)