Anette becomes a certified WBC Judge!

Earlier this month Anette spent two days in Stockholm, Sweden undergoing a series of gruelling workshops and exams in order to qualify as a judge for the upcoming World Barista Championships. The role of the judges in the WBC is of course to find a worthy champion, but it’s long been felt that the judges were one of the weaker link in the WBC system, and that the criteria for becoming a judge should be much harder than they have been. Thus, the exams and tests designed for this years certifications have been made very difficult, trying to ensure that the national champions who will gather in Atlanta in April will be performing in front of a panel of highly qualified judges. As a competitor, nothing is worse than being judged by someone who’s opinion you neither respect nor trust.

Out of the 25 Stockholm candidates only 15 passed, which now brings the total of certified judges worldwide to 45. Only some of these 45 will be invited to judge in Atlanta, but all that took the workshops in Guatemala City, Long Beach, Melbourne and Stockholm will have gained skills and perspectives that will help improve the levels of their regional and national competitions. Another certification might still take place in Nairobi, Kenya- details can be found on the WBC website.

Congratulations to Anette, although if she goes to Atlanta I’ll be stuck alone at work for a week. :(