Videocast #3 – Chemex/Pourover

We hope everyone had a good Christmas!  Maybe you got a nice Chemex or something similar?  If you did then we hope this video will help with making better coffee:

Videocast #3 – Chemex/Pourover from James Hoffmann on Vimeo.
Videocast Notes:

  • We do say that the pouring kettle is optional.  This method is pretty easy just with a standard kettle and a steady hand.
  • Grind – we just didn’t feel this was the place to get into this.  We could say that a medium grind is right, but that doesn’t mean very much.  Correlate your grind to brew time.  If it is brewing faster than 3:30 then you need to grind a little finer, and if the brew is slower than 4:30 then you need to grind a little coarser.  Keep the dose, technique and as much as possible the same
  • We particularly like the Chemex because it allows full cone brewing.  Some papers – like some Melitta and similar – are flat at the bottom and this makes it harder (in our opinion) to get an even extraction and not get a mound of coffee choking the final part of the brew.
  • We settled on this method because it is easy to do, easy to reproduce and produces a great cup.  We are not saying this is the ultimate way to use your pourover brewer.  When we find a better technique or method then we will update the videos.  Things always progress so please don’t treat this as absolutely definite.
  • If you are having problems then leave a comment and we can try and produce an FAQ/Troubleshooting guide.