Taste of the West Coast USA

First off apologies for taking so long to get this posted up! It has been very hectic at Square Mile HQ these last few weeks, but we’re back blogging now!

I didn’t sleep particularly well after this event, and I guess from the amount of coffee consumed that evening – not many other attendees did either.  But it was worth it!

Five amazing roasters kindly sent us down their coffees, and wherever possible I pulled shots to their dose, brew temp, volume and time.  The coffees were served blind and as usual we asked people to leave any tasting notes up on the whiteboard.  This anonymity lets people get a bit more creative and my favourite note of the evening was “Salami (in a good way!)”.  I wish I knew who wrote it now….!

We totally failed to take any proper pictures but there is a set here from Mark who came up from South West London.

The coffees were the following – click the links to see a little tag cloud generated from the notes everyone left on the white board:

Ecco Caffe – Experimental Espresso #5

Seven Coffee Roasters – Espresso

Ritual Coffee Roasters – Finca El Guayabo

Intelligentsia Los Angeles – Black Cat

Verve Coffe Roasters – Streetlevel Espresso (The Facemelter)

I have a lot of fun pulling shots on the night – a rare chance to be very busy behind the bar, and by the time we got to Verve I was glad of the chance to slow down – and slow down I did, as per their instructions!

The standard of the coffees was extremely high, everyone was very impressed I think. Clearly great greens are being roasted very carefully and by and large I tried not to get in the way when brewing it. The various coffees polarised people’s favourite choices and I am afraid we won’t be letting on which ours were…..

I think we are due to do Australia next – we just need to sort the logistics out and we’ll announce the date here and in the newsletter. (If you aren’t signed up for the newsletter you can do so at the bottom of the front page of the shop. We only mail you about once a month – no spam!)

We look forward to seeing some of you at the next one!