Cascara and Qishr

Along with all the amazing coffees that shipped from El Salvador was a few vac packs of something different from Finca Mauritania – Cascara!

The Cascara is the dried outer fruit layer of the coffee cherry, typically considered either a waste product or sometimes used in compost.  However – if done right the process can produce a delicious and very rare ingredient.


Back before coffee was roasted and brewed, it was likely this fruit that was dried and brewed as tea.  Sometimes sweetened or complimented with spices like ginger this drink is best known as Qishr (spelled many different ways).

Whilst it doubtless has been done, we couldn’t help but wonder (hopefully) if this was the first time this drink had been made in the UK.  Who knows!

brewing qishr

What we do know is that it really is quite delicious.  The cascara has notes of tobacco and rosehip, and the tea itself is very fruity and again very rosehip like.  It is surprisingly sweet though I could see how some people might want to sweeten it a touch more.

We have only a small amount available and are thinking about putting it in the webshop for those interested – if you are let us know.  It would be a very rare opportunity to taste something that is not only delicious but also a little historical glimpse into coffee’s history.  We are really excited about this, we hope you are too!

macro cascara