Taste of Norway – 13th August

UPDATE: WE ARE FULL! Right now we are signed up to capacity, but if you are interested you are welcome to still get in touch and if a spot opens up then we’ll let you know asap.


Kicking off the first of several espresso events we have planned is “Taste of Norway”! (We have loads of countries to get through, but how could I not start with this one…)


The idea is simple – we want to know what the best espressos from different countries taste like, so we thought we would pick a few roasters, get their espresso in, pull the shots as they suggest and get coffee people in to share it with.


It will be happening on Wednesday 13th August at 6pm at the roastery.


For this event we have espresso from:


Tim Wendelboe

Supreme Roastworks


Solberg & Hansen

Den Gyldne Bønne


Spaces are limited, and because of the added incentive of there being waffles with brown cheese made afterwards (oh so Norwegian) we aren’t going to charge but there will be a suggested donation of £5 going to Bikes to Rwanda.


We are really looking forward to this, and we will be doing these regularly as we explore the espresso blends from roasteries in cities and countries around the world.  (So many delicious possibilities!)


We hope you can join us – do please get in touch!

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